Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Control

What am I supposed to do with stray animals?

The Constable, or a Town Board member, need to be notified prior to taking any animals to the Shelter.

E-Mail Distribution List

How can I be added to the town e-mail list?

If you would like to be added to a town e-mail distribution list, please e-mail the Town Clerk at [email protected]

Emergency Information

Can I receive emergency notifications on my cell phone?

Winnebago County residents can now receive emergency notifications on their cell phones if they register their cell phone numbers. To register your cell phone, visit Winnebago County’s website at or call (920) 236-7459.

Facilities Rental

How much does it cost to rent one of the town facilities?

Our facilities may be rented as follows: Town Hall = $50/day Pavilion = $50/day Town Hall & Pavillion $100/day Plus a security deposit of $75 per rental.

How can I rent the Town Hall?

Contact Lucy Trebiatowski at (920) 589-2708 for available dates.

Hall & Pavillion Rental Agreement 07-2018

Snow Clean Up

Where can I put snow from my driveway?

Please make sure to keep snow off the roads when removing it from your property.