Election Information

A DROP BOX IS AT THE TOWN HALL: 1730 COUNTY RD FF OSHKOSH (downtown Fisk) IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING to place your completed absentee ballot envelope inside.  Pull open the door and insert in the Incoming Mail slot.

Absentee In-Person will occur by appointment with the Town Clerk Monday-Friday, February 1-11, 2022.  Call Clerk Jenny Sonnleitner 920-410-0347 or email at [email protected]  To vote Absentee by  mail, complete the Absentee Voter Application at MyVote.wi.gov and be sure to include a valid photo ID, or a ballot will not be sent.

February 15, 2022 Election

– Outstanding Provisional Ballots

– Absentee ballots sent;  counted;  outstanding

Election Results:  Registered Voters:  Total Votes: , = % turnout

OSHKOSH AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER (vote for not more than 2) = Sara Doughtery Noe  / Kelly DeWitt  / Matt Tooke  / Stephanie Carlin  / Casey Radtke  / Liz Szilagyi  / Write-in:  / Write-in:

Where do I vote in the Town of Utica?

Utica Town Hall
1730 County Road FF in Fisk

Polling Hours in the Town of Utica
7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

How do I register to vote in the Town of Utica

You must register to vote if you have not previously voted in the Town of Utica. You may do so in the Clerk’s office, by request, or the day of an election at the polls.  Go to MyVote.wi.gov to complete your registration or Download a Voter Registration Application.

You must be 18 years of age on or before the Election Day.

    1. You must be a resident of the Town of Utica for 10 consecutive days prior to Election Day
    2. You must fill out a Voter Registration form and provide a current driver’s license with your new address or ID bearing your current address. Other forms of identification would be a utility bill, bank statement or check book showing your new address.
    3. You may register by mail, but make sure you include copies of all required identification

How do I receive an Absentee Ballot?

Request an absentee ballot in writing including your voting address, the election date you would like a ballot for, what ward/school district you live in, the address where the absentee ballot should be sent (if different) and your signature.  The ballot will then be mailed to you.  Office hours are by request, so call Jenny at 920-410-0347. You can visit MyVote.wi.gov or Download an Absentee Ballot Application and mail it to Jenny Sonnleitner 6570 Bradley Ave. Pickett, WI  54964.  You can vote absentee from the third Monday before election day until 7:00pm on the Friday before election day.